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Abandoned Villages by Bedouindrone

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Bedouindrone album cover

Abandoned Villages by Bedouindrone

Pedro Maras aka BedouinDrone is one of the many Muslimgauze successors who keep the sounds of the late Bryn Jones alive with aspects of his own stylings. I am delighted to hear new Bedouindrone, Abandoned Villages and am a fan of the earlier release by said artist, The Border which came out in 2018, both on the Bulgaria-based Mahorka netlabel. Intense ambient, exotic field recordings, distorted beats, near toxic bass-lines and excursions into musical zealotry, listen and immerse. A review of the Abandoned Villages release will be forthcoming on Chain D.L.K. While there are some tracks from the later album that really are taken from Muslimgauze tracks, I much prefer the more unique, less derivative material. Influence is fine, but we already have one Muslimgauze. Maras is talented enough to carve his own path. Do yourself a favor and listen, both releases are stellar.